International Reviews of Denis Matsuev's disc with Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev piano concertos

November 21 2018
International Reviews of Denis Matsuev

5 STARS ‘Denis Matsuev can be electrifying, as parts of the present disc prove. The Rachmaninov offers one of the finest performances of the first movement available.’

International Piano


5 STARS ‘A performance of enthralling musicality marked by ripe, declamatory rhetoric.’



FOUR STARS ‘Strong, fiery and robust renditions of classic Russian repertoire.’


‘The Prokofiev crackles with energy, the Rachmaninov surges with heart-in-mouth emotion from start to electrifying finish… a great pairing.’

The Guardian


'Really thrilling, undeniably impressive.'

BBC Radio 3 Record Review


‘He plays like a king, much like Rachmaninov himself.’

Opus Klassiek


‘This Matsuev/Gergiev Prokofiev Second can be thoroughly recommended.’



‘If you're wondering where the commanding performances of Russian music like those in days of old might be, try the series of live recordings from the Mariinsky label by pianist Denis Matsuev.’ 

All Music


‘Matsuev gives the piece a spectacular performance.’

Ludwig Van Toronto


‘Prokofiev’s killer G-minor Concerto, massive and challenging, plays directly to Matsuev’s strengths.’

Classical Source


‘It goes without saying that Gergiev has the measure of most classics of the Russian repertoire, and so proves it once again here…The technical challenges of the pieces hold no terrors for Denis Matsuev.’

Classical CD Choice


‘Red –blooded Russian performances of good, red-blooded Russian music.’

Classical Candour

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