Denis Matsuev Presented Tutorials and Printed Music to Novosibirsk Region's Music Schools

November 25 2013

November became a memorable month for cultural life of Novosibirsk. Publishing House "Music"- "P.Jurgenson" with International Charity Foundation of P.I. Tchaikovsky and with participation of Bank Group ZENITH accomplished the joint project. All music schools of Novosibirsk got a considerable amount of tutorials, textbooks and sheet music from Publishing House "Music".

Novosibirsk Conservatory, colleges with musical classes, musical schools - 83 institutions of music education - received more than 100 titles of modern and extremely demanded literature. Delivery in each institution was of an individual character: literature was chosen taking into account the structure of the courses in music specialties. Airline company "Transaero", free of charge, delivered cargo (more than two tons of weight!) from Moscow to Novosibirsk.

The project was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Novosibirsk region. It coincided with a mini-festival of Denis Matsuev «classics and jazz», which opening took place in a newly-built Concert hall named after A. M. Katz. At the press conference devoted to these two events, D. Matsuev said that this generous gift of the Publishing house "Music"-"P. Jurgenson" will allow to  expand substantially the educational process and will improve the quality of music education of the talented youth of the Novosibirsk region. Pianist also presented all the major works of S. Rachmaninoff, issued by the publishing house "P. Jurgenson", and gave them as a gift to the minister of culture of the Novosibirsk region V.I. Kuzin.

The next similar action is planned to be held in December in Irkutsk, during the next music festival by Denis Matsuev.

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