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September 30 2013

S. Rachmaninov, Piano Concerto #2

G. Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue

New York Philharmonic Orchestra, dir. Alan Gilbert, 

Denis Matsuev, piano

RCA Red Seal

Russian Version: Barcode 887654155429 / Cat# 88765415542 

International Version: Barcode 887654926029 / Cat# 88765492602

Digital version: G010002935002K

Internationally released from April 2013

"The pianist is and remains the radiating centre of the recording – also recording technically. His almost martial virtuosity is like a revitalization measure. It adds vital energy to this painfully familiar music, gives the whole apparatus a new drive and makes the listener marvel at the combination."


„The reading of Gershwin is juvenile and full of good spirit, a “healthy” music, made to entertain and to thrill the audience. […] Again, Gilbert and Matsuev seem to agree not to go overboard with the rubati; also and interesting choice of metrum from head to bottom of the score, resulting in a rather classical pace. We are far from the interpretations of the original jazz-band, to the point that - in some moment - you would want a little less luster and a little bit more of a recreative force. At the same time, you cannot help but admire the glitter of Matsuev’s piano, especially where it returns - with feline sprint – almost primitive and innocent, with Whitman force - which was also the basis of the American Dream.”

MUSICA, 6/2013

„The subtle touch, the accoustic projection are absolutely remarkable. Denis Matsuev does what he wants with astonishing ease. What is obviously very interesting: he puts his remarkable technical skills in the service of the score. Not one accent is overloaded, no concession is made to sentimentalism, no languor whatsoever. In Gershwin, […] Matsuev convinces the orchestra to swing with him.” 

DIAPASON, 6/2013 & Le Pianiste, Juli/August 2013


“He started out as a highly virtuosic ruffian. Pianistically, he has since gained very much ground indeed. Above all, this short popular programme shows Denis Matsuev as an ardent Romantic who encourages Alan Gilbert New Yorkers, changing the expression of the music extremely sensitively and with a very flexible rhythm technique. Rachmaninov’s C minor concerto is a perfect match with Matsuev’s sleek brilliance and extreme emotion. In Gershwin’s case, this challenge of every detail, for me, goes a little too much at the expense of unity.”

Stereo 8/2013 & FonoForum 10/2013

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