Greetings from Edinburgh!

August 21 2012

Hello, dear friends! Last time I made a broadcast from Sochi, and now I am in Edinburgh where I give a concert together with the London Symphony Orchestra and maestro Gergiev. We are playing Shimanovsky, the 4th symphony – it is an absolutely new project, we will bring it to many countries. Now I am at the famous Edinburgh festival, and before I had concerts in Schleswig-Holstein, Montenegro, Verbier, Baden-Baden and on “Rheingau” festival Wiesbaden.

I visited the Olympic games in London, and I just can’t describe my emotions! During the Olympics the atmosphere in the city is incredible, everyone feels this special vibe. I spent only 3 days in London, but I was just in time to witness the rich harvest of the gold medals: by the time of my arrival our team had won only 11 medals, and then they got 13 more during just 3 days. But, of course, volleyball was the most impressive, because our sportsmen were losing 0:2 and then made the effort to transform and won. It is a typical Russian tradition: to fall into extreme and then to get out of it by our own sweat, hard work and talent. I supported our team together with Vladimir Spivakov, Konstantin Ernst, German Gref and many more. We lost our voices shouting, but we don’t regret it! It was a phenomenal victory!

The visit to the Olympics was a kind of breathing space, and now I am back to work. I am looking forward to the festival in Annecy, “Crescendo”, Hollywood Bowl, concert in Monaco with Yuri Temirkanov, and especially to the “Stars on Baikal” festival in Irkutsk. I will make the next post in my blog from Irkutsk or from Annecy, see you soon!

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