December, 15 Denis Matsuev gives a press conference concerning his new album

December 14 2011

December, 15 Denis Matsuev gives a press conference in the Moscow Philharmonic concerning the release of his hew album “Matsuev. Liszt”.

“Matsuev. Liszt”, the pianist’s sixth album, was recorded in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire in August 2011, which was dated to the famous Hungarian pianist and composer Franz Liszt’s 200th anniversary. The album is released on the label “RCA/Red Seal” (Sony Music) on 2 CDs that include some of the most interesting compositions by Liszt: Piano concerto no.1 and no.2, “Totentanz” and the symphonic poems “Orpheus” and “Heroic elegy”.

The album was recorded with the Russian National Orchestra headed by the outstanding Russian director Michail Pletnev - People's Artist of RSFSR, laureate of 3 State awards of the Russian Federation and the "Grammy" award (2005). The sound man of the album is Philipp Nedel, laureate of 2 "Grammies" (2002, 2009), who worked with Matuev on his latest relases, including "The Carnegie Hall Concert".

“Liszt is one of my favourite composers, - says Denis Matsuev, - each of his works is connected with a certain period in my life. For example, I won the XI International Tchaikovsky competition with Liszt, Piano concerto no.1. My teacher Sergey Dorensky and me decided to perform Liszt, Piano concerto no.1 instead of Rachmaninoff, Piano concerto no.3 literally a few days before making the application. And it turned out to be the right decision”.

During 13 years after the victory the musician nurtured the idea of creating an album dedicated to the great Hungarian composer. Director Michail Pletnev helped Denis put this idea into practice: “We have been talking a lot with Michail Vasilyevich Pletnev about Liszt and his works. And, of course, we played Liszt very often together. That’s why I didn’t even think about another programme and another orchestra: Liszt – and only with the Russian National Orchestra! And by all means with “Orpheus”, which is a rarely played piece. I am sure that even the listeners who are familiar with this music will find out something new in it”.

In is notable that earlier this year, on October, 22, Denis Matsuev became the only pianist who was invited to play Liszt on the festivity day at the National Concert Hall in Budapest. Before the concert Denis was honoured a chance to touch the piano in F. Liszt Museum that once belonged to the great musician. Along with the concert Denis held a meeting in Budapest with the students and professors of the piano faculty of F. Liszt Academy and made a presentation of his new album “Matsuev. Liszt”.

December, 18, on the day when the album is released in Russia, Denis Matsuev and the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra headed by Yuri Simonov will perform the programme of the 1st CD: Piano concerto no.1, Piano concerto no.2 and “Totentanz” in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire.

The international release of the album will take place on December, 26.

You can watch the album's official trailer on Denis Matsuev's official YouTube channel.

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