Denis Matsuev played a series of concerts in Siberia and gave awards to the young grant holders of the "New names" foundation

December 17 2011

Denis Matsuev’s Siberian tour is over. December, 8 the pianist gave a concert in Tyumen, December, 10 – in Omsk, December, 12 – in Nobosibirsk and December, 13 – in Krasnoyarsk. In these cities he chose to play Schubert, Grieg, Beethoven, Stravinsky and Liszt. “I love these compositions, I’ve played them many times. It is the romantic repertoire, my favourite repertoire. I feel comfortable with it, because I am in a romantic age now,” – says Denis.

In each of the cities Denis not only performed, but also gave awards to the young grant holders of the “New names” foundation. This year the “New names” project is 22 years of age. Its creator and permanent head is Honoured Art Worker Ivetta Voronova, who suggested it in 2008 that Denis Matsuev should become the president of the foundation. The “New names” foundation artistically promotes gifted children in the sphere of the classical art. During all the history of the “New names” programme more than 22 000 of young musicians have joined it. “95% of the modern Russian classical musicians come from the “New names”, - points out Denis Matsuev and recollects that his own life changed considerably after the “New names” audition in 1990: the commission said they would like to invite the young pianist to Moscow.

The “New names” foundation gives its grant holders a most versatile support: workshops with the best teachers, purchase of musical instruments, an opportunity to go to summer music school near Suzdal. There is an idea of creating an international music academy for children on the basis of the “New names” foundation. During his Siberian tour Denis Matsuev gave personal grants to the young gifted children from Tyumen, Omsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk.

The broadcast of the TV channel “Region-Tyumen” is available here.

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