Blog #121

September 30 2020

I believe one need to experience what I experienced playing in an empty concert hall with fifteen hundred vacant seats to finally get scared for himself/herself and his/her loved ones and, finally to put on a mask. Dead silence, empty air and darkness that drains life energy and emotions. No one. Nothing.

Because "the mask is uncomfortable, I'm suffocating, the COVID is a made up conception, wearing a mask violates my rights."

All these excuses simply mask negligence for their health, lack of care for their loved ones and total indifference to people.

If we don't wear masks and ignore simple safety rules today, tomorrow we will be suffocating not from masks, but from the lack of opportunity to listen to live music in concert halls, from self-isolation in four walls and from lung damage literally.

I rarely call for anything or moralize, but if today we don’t listen to reason and don’t start acting according to the rules: wear a mask and gloves in public places, use antiseptic and maintain social distance, we will find ourselves again in our private empty dead concert hall of self-isolation.

Take care. Wear a mask.


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