Blog #112

May 24 2018

Will never stop admire stunning surprises, that happen sometimes on the tour and or even on stage! Today, after a chamber concert with the soloists of the Staatskapelle Dresden in the Small hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, a large man suddenly came up to us on the stage. I was shocked when I recognized Peter Schmeichel, famous goalkeeper of "Manchester United" and the National team of Denmark, in this big tall blond man. For me it was a real shock. It turned out that it was a part of the World Cup 2018 public activities. Peter is shooting videos for RT and will comment on the Championship matches.

This meeting was a shock for me also because I know practically everything about him. I reminded him of his matches, for example, the final match with Bayern Munich, when “Manchester United” won the Champions League in the last two minutes and when his National team of Denmark (that got in the group stage of the European Championship in 1992 at the last moment) won the European championship, which was a sensation. Of course I know his son, also the goalkeeper, who plays now. It's a wonderful dynasty. 

And today it turned out that Peter is also a big fan of your humble servant, loves Rachmaninoff and Oscar Peterson. For me it was just an incredible discovery. He impressed me with his knowledge of music, Rachmaninoff’s art and even played something from the Second concert to me. I have always said that there is a huge number of links between football and classical music, but it is an incredibly happy shock to meet a legendary goalkeeper who is such a fan of Russian art and Rachmaninoff. We’ve also shot a video and it will soon be on the air. I will not tell you all the details of what we have done, because I will be pleased if you also experience the joy of an unexpected surprise from our work.

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