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May 17 2018

Hello everyone!

Several days ago I had a concert in Zurich, in a temporary concert hall of Tonhalle. Legendary Tonhalle is under reconstruction these days, so all concerts take place in the temporary concert hall. This is a new, with special wooden panels inside for phenomenal acoustics. Wood as a material for concert halls, of course, is amazing. We also plan to use this material for the future concert hall in Irkutsk – it will be made of Siberian cedar inside.

And today I am already in Dresden, the city with which I have a long and passionate musical romance this season. It began last summer with an open air concert for thousands of listeners of Dresden with Placido Domingo and orchestra of Staatskapelle. I also told you in my blog about my recital in October last year, when I performed in Semperopera, a hall with phenomenal acoustics, despite the fact that usually the theaters are ill-suited to concert performances. Semperopera is a great exception to this rule. You definitely remember my post about my performance on the ball, which took place in Dresden in January 2018, and on 21st of June we'll be here for performing Shostakovich piano concerto with Yuri Temirkanov and the Staatskapelle Dresden orchestra.

This season I am a resident artist of the Staatskapelle Dresden orchestra - Capella Virtuoso. And today with Maestro Christian Thielemann and the Staatskapelle Dresden orchestra we have the first rehearsal of the upcoming world tour. This rehearsal gave me a phenomenal aftertaste of co-creation with the legendary orchestra and conductor.

We were rehearsing the Second piano concerto by Franz Liszt. For me it's one of my favorite concerts of Liszt, romantic, sublime, impressionistically subtle and full of bright artistic images. Maestro Christian Thielemann shares my passion for this music, that's why we decided to perform it. I played this concert for many times, but today's rehearsal gave me some absolutely amazing feeling. We practically did not explain our ideas and vision to each other, because the music, that was born, explained everything and gave answers to all the questions during the rehearsal.

Our programme will also include the Fourth Symphony by J. Brahms, so I stayed in the hall to listen to it after my part of the rehearsal. Maestro Christian Thielemann does not like to repeat interpretations in performances: every time he finds something new in music. His concerts and recordings of German music shake me to the core. And today he also offered a surprisingly lively, fresh, spontaneous interpretation with new colors and ideas. Every time I am fascinated by this amazing feature of the great orchestras and conductors – to anticipate the movement of the soloist’s soul during the performance and to help to implement his ideas, masterfully weaving into the general canvas their own vision, ideas and emotions.

As I’ve mentioned just above, we are starting a great joint world tour: during these almost three weeks three concerts are planned in Dresden (18th,19th,20th of May), one concert - in Paris (29th  of May), in Lucerne (31st of May) and in Baden-Baden (2nd of July).

I am also very pleased to inform Russian classical music lovers that this outstanding orchestra and the conductor will also come to Russia, where they will give three concerts: in Moscow at the Tchaikovsky Concert hall (23rd of May), in St. Petersburg at the Mariinsky -2 (25th of May) and in Kaliningrad at the Cathedral (27th of May).

Orchestras and conductors of such a brilliant level do not come to Russia as frequently, as we would like, although the concert venues in Moscow and St. Petersburg, of course, are not inferior in level to the most famous concert venues in the world.

I invite everyone to these concerts in Russia and definitely will tell you about our adventures during the tour, because it is an amazing experience of communication, both on stage and in life, which I would like to share with you.

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