Blog # 69. Astana Piano Passion

April 20 2015

One of the most waited and favourite events for me is coming. Astana Piano Passion Festival-Competition, which became famous all around the world in these three years for its high level of participants, unique atmosphere, and wonderful Kazakh hospitality. The format we worked out with Imangali Tasmagambetov turned out to be absolutely successful. We decided to organize a contest for young musicians (younger than 18) in three groups (younger, middle and senior). And it was more festival, than a competition. 

Of course we have first, second and third prize, but all participants have a chance to become our team member, take part in our projects. Judging by the level, prize fund, and conditions Astana Piano Passion is beyond comparison. And the results are great. Alexander Kutuzov, Alexander Malofeev, Varvara Kutuzova, Sanzharali Kopbaev, Shuan Ern Lee, Vladislav Hondogi, Shio Okui, Alexandru Botak and many more – are the future of their national piano schoolings.

This year we got 121 applications. Younger group – 24, Middle group – 49, Senior group – 48.

7 applications were from Ukraine, 25 – Kazakhstan, 61 – Russia, 5 – Georgia, 4 – Mongolia, 2 – Australia, Uzbekistan, USA, Canada, South Korea, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Italy, Denmark, Armenia, Serbia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Norway – each one application.

You can see the schedule and watch online-broadcast on our official web-site:

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