Blog #54. Recital in London

January 16 2015

It’s a great pleasure to invite you to my concert in London on 20 January at 19:30 at the Royal Festival Hall. London is one of my favourite cities, I love London atmosphere, the audience, orchestras, with whom I was fortunate enough to play. Luckily, I have formed great relationship with all of them, but still I would like to tell several words about London Symphony Orchestra, with which Maestro Gergiev and I have already planned a lot of interesting projects. 

However, this time I come to London with a recital, which will be held at the Royal Festival Hall - a glorified hall, within one of the most famous series - International Piano Series. I have already performed here many times, but for me, this place is still primarily associated with the legendary concert in 1982 by the great Vladimir Horowitz. Vladimir Samoylovich ended his performance with Rachmaninoff's Second Sonata, and your humble servant this time will finish the concert with the same musical composition. I am very excited about this evening and looking forward to it!

Tomorrow I play the same program in a new, absolutely phenomenal Philharmony -2, in Moscow. I'm sure this hall will be one of the main, along with the Conservatory and Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. And it is primarily because of brilliant acoustics. I am glad that such a modern and high-tech hall appeared. I've heard several times of the opinion that the location of the Philharmonic - 2 somewhat distant from the center of Moscow, but it is, in principle, the global trend. For example in France, Hall Pleyel (also called Philharmony, by the way), which was opened just 2 days ago, is by Moscow standards in the area of Moscow Ring Road, but, nevertheless, all tickets are already sold out for the whole season. So I have no doubt that the audience will be happy to attend concerts at the Philharmonic - 2, so I congratulate you on this event.

And again, I invite all to my concert in London on 20 January at the Royal Festival Hall. See you there! Arrivederci!

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