Happy New Year!

December 31 2014

The most fantastic, the most amazing time is approaching - the time the Christmas holidays. 

And for me a holiday feeling is much more stronger, because I went back to my home town, to my homeland, to my snow, my taiga, my Baikal, my friends, my audience, my Siberians who will come tomorrow, December 31, at our concert (my outstanding friends and I), which for all of us is becoming a good Christmas tradition in Irkutsk. 

I want to wish to everyone to be the same as the Siberians: kind, generous, willing to help each other in the most difficult situation. Unity will help us overcome any obstacles and difficulties we can face.

I want to wish to everyone that everything, you have planned and dreamed about, comes true. And I have absolutely no doubt that this year will be brilliant for those who want, dare and do not despair.

I want to wish you all to become romantic. I'm sure romanticism sooner or later will come back into our lives, and this is, undoubtedly, will make these lives beautiful.

I want to wish to everyone to be calmer and to live in peace with everyone, because friendships are radiating good energy and make us all better. Friendship unites the world, and now need it more than ever.

I want to wish you all to go to concerts of classical music more often, because it heals and comforts, if you have a bad mood or any problems. Believe me, after the concert you will feel better physically and definitely much happier. The positive the emotions that you get from contact with this art, are impossible to replace.

I want to wish you all to have our Siberian health. We, Siberians, virtually offer you this unique Siberian energy, and if it is not enough, we are waiting for you here, on the shores of lake Baikal, to charge yourself from its beauty, power and strength.

We, Siberians, congratulate you all and hope that this year will bring only the most happy and unforgettable moments and brilliant improvisations! 


Denis Matsuev

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