Blog #52. Moscow-Tumen-Moscow

December 26 2014

My short visit to Moscow turned out to be extremely fruitful. First there was a meeting of Tchaikovsky Competition 2015 organizing committee in Bolshoi Theatre, where we (with Valery Gergiev and Olga Golodets) made several really important decisions. First of all, we’ve formed the jury of the competition for 90%. The whole list will be announced in January. But now, I can assure you, there are outstanding musician, soloists and professors, in it. Secondly, it was decided that the first selective audition (video-presentations of candidates) will be judged by the main jury of the contest. Due to present-day internet-technologies, they can do it easily without necessity to gather in one place. And third, the voting system’s been transformed as well. Now a member of jury votes “yes” or “no” simply. And this makes the process more transparent and unbiased. Moreover, prizes are really attractive this year. Grand Prix amounts 100 000 US dollars. And laureates will have  an opportunity to perform their debut recitals in the most famous halls with the most famous orchestras and conductors. Media coverage of the Contest will be shared by our old and world famous partner (I’ll tell you its name later) and Kultura TV Channel.

In the Presidential Council, for the first time held in conjunction with the State Council, which was attended by all the governors, we summarized the results of the Year of Culture in Russia and were able to discuss the most pressing issues. For us all, who studied music at special schools, of course, the main topic of conversation was the fate of most of these special schools. I have repeatedly raised this issue, including at the meetings of the President's Council, as you probably remember. I talked to the President about it and Ekaterina Mechetina gave a speech on this issue as well. And now I can happily and confidently announce that 9 special music schools will be assigned a special status. Everything is as it should be. Minister of Education Livanov also shares this point of view. 

It is absolutely obvious that professional education in music may not start at the age of 12. The Foundation for creative development and basics are laid in childhood, at 5-6 years. This system allowed us to develop our outstanding performing school. Moreover, this system is copied by everybody all over the world. Of course you cannot destroy the legacy created by the decades, this unique treasure - our special musical schools. So I'm really happy to announce that we did it! These schools will continue their work, and our schools, which gave and continue to give so many outstanding talents, will remain in their traditional form.

And I flew back to Tyumen at the festival, where I will be tomorrow to play a solo concert. But on December 26, I will be back in Moscow early in the morning, and the day again promises to be eventful and full of improvisations: 7 a.m. - at the airport, a 10 - rehearsal with Vladimir Ivanovich Fedoseyev and Grand Symphony Orchestra, in 12 hours I take part in the meeting of Public Council under the Ministry of culture in the Conservatory, and in the evening I play a concert with Vladimir Ivanovich Fedoseyev and GSO. So life goes on, drive on, and despite the fatigue and tiredness, I'm leaving today with a very pleasant aftertaste.

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