Blog #48. Concert Tour in Germany

December 5 2014

My Concert Tour in Germany has started. I am going to visit Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Bremen, Berlin, Munich. Every time I come to this country I can’t help mentioning the fact, that almost all German cities and even small towns have very good professional concert halls. That fascinates and pleases me.

I’d like to tell you about one of small German towns in Eastern Westfalia, which I visited within my Concert Tour in Germany. It’s Gutersloh - picturesque, nice, fairytale-like, Christmas-decorated town. It’s not unusual or surprising that I came here, as we have a very long-lasting experience of fruitful relations with Forum of Russian Culture of Gutersloh, headed by Franz Kiesl. 

This Forum united all Russian culture lovers and those who are fond of our country, our traditions. What is the most important for me personally that the Fund supports our children from New Names Foundation, who come to Gutersloh with concerts regularly. And they also support Stars on Baikal Festival in Irkutsk. Up to 100 people from this Fund and Gutersloh come to my home town every year (9 years in a row already) to take part in the festival. They love our region, town, nature, Baikal lake. And I hope that my efforts to make Irkutsk and Gutersloh twin-cities will succeed, as it was with Annecy.

My impressions after the recital in Gutersloh are great: the atmosphere was marvelous, the hall was just perfect, the audience, with their love to Russian culture, amazing. And I would like to thank the Forum for awarding me the title of Honourable Member of the Forum of Russian Culture of Gutersloh.

That’s a great pleasure to know that we have “Fan Club” of Russia, Siberia, New Names and Stars on Baikal in Germany!

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