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February 10 2014

Please, forgive me for keeping silence these days: I was under the impression from what happened here. I am in Sochi from the day of the opening of the Olympic games. I am overwhelmed with emotions right now, and I want to talk about what I see here.

To begin with, the Opening Ceremony made a huge impression, because it was the case when everything turned out perfectly well: the Grand conception, outstanding director’s work and artistic vision and sound. Of course, the TV picture was different from what I've seen in the audience at the stadium Fisht, but I can say that of course, the Opening was 100% successful in all respects.

There is a fantastic atmosphere in here. I feel at home here, in Sochi. For me this is my second home, I may say, because come here from 1981 almost every year. And when I came here for the first time with my grandparents and I fell in love with this city, this charming southern atmosphere, hospitable and friendly people.

But what's happening here now is just incredible. And all that was built here during these seven years is just grandly. I remember the Imeretinskaya valley before the Olympic Park was built. Let alone that built up in the mountains in Krasnaya Polyana and other places, where Olympic objects were built. It is just stunning, great, incredible.

I visited eight Olympics so far, for the first time I was in Lillehamer in 1994, in Atlanta, in Salt Lake City, in Beijing, in Vancouver. And I can say that everything is organized on a very high level here in Sochi. Technically everything is perfect, staff and volunteers who sincerely want to be involved in this great sporting event, just wonderful people.

Evening of 9 February turned out to be absolutely triumphant! First of all we are talking about our figure skating team and the performance of our hero Evgeny Plushenko, for whom this is the fourth Olympiad. He performed his program with such calmness, such skill, freedom and with such a unique artistry and technique, and at such a level that it was not like a sports competition, but rather the theatrical performance... And, of course, the audience was absolutely in love with this outstanding program.

Plushenko became Olympic champion for the second time, if you count the Turin. And the fact, that he said after performance that he is going to participate further in the competition, shows that he is a true hero. He is a unique master of our time. It is impossible not to mention a young bright star, Yulia Lipnitskaya, 15-year-old skater, which amazed all by her skill, flexibility, artistry, plastic and incredible technique.

Yesterday evening was unique, in my opinion. Figure skating is our sport, where we always hope for medals. Yesterday Russian skaters justified our hopes. Congratulate all of us with this success!

I promise to tell you about my impressions from different competitions in future, I will upload video blogs and share photos here and on official web-site to share with you my impressions from this great sport holiday.

Again Bravo to all those involved in some way in organizing this Olympiad.

Wait for news from Sochi!

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