Medici.TV Became an Official Partner of Tchaikovsky Competition

April 20 2015

We have great news! Our friends from Medici.TV will perform live broadcast of Tchaikovsky Competition this summer. I’ve told you a lot of times how Medici.TV team works, how it treats classical music more fiction than traditional concerts. They managed to find new meaning in each of the concerts they shoot. The highest rating, outstanding quality, original style of broadcasting. Once I’ve been in the sanctum sanctorum – the trailer from which the broadcasting of Medici.TV is carried out. There were  6 men and I was astonished by the creative atmosphere, tempo and quality of the recording they make. That’s just unbelievable.

Undoubtedly no recording can be compared to real life experience in a concert hall. But all those wonderful experts, soundmen, cameramen give absolutely new, original and really exciting point of view on traditional concerts. You feel as if you are in a concert hall, in the epicenter of the event. And what is even more important – everyone in the world can watch this concert at home at any convenient time.

I know these professionals from Medici.TV personally; we worked together for several times. They’ve been recording and broadcasting all concerts of Annecy Festival in France for five years already (you can see them on their web-site). And not long ago our concert with maestro Gergiev and Mariinsky Orchestra was broadcast live by Medici.TV from Carnegie Hall first time in history of this concert hall.

They came to Kazan and recorded Symphony Orchestra of RT with Alexander Sladkovsky, which became a good luck for this orchestra, as people around the world had an opportunity to watch it and listen to its performance.

Medici.TV records the most famous festivals in the most famous concert halls, that is why the fact that they decided to record Tchaikovsky Competition means more audience coverage from all continents and countries. So you will feel its unique atmosphere of this competition without leaving your home.

On 7th of May, Tchaikovsky’s birthday, in Tchaikovsky Concert hall I will perform three concerts by Tchaikovsky in a row. I will do it with maestro Gergiev and Mariinsky Orchestra. And Medici.TV will record and broadcast it live.

I congratulate us all on this wonderful news. Come to the web-site and enjoy music and quality of performance.

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