“Russia 24” broadcast from “Crescendo-2011” gala concert

December 16 2011

The annual music festival “Crescendo” finished with a gala concert in Moscow in the Great Hall of the Conservatoire. The festival represents a unique annual forum for the best young Russian musicians, performing here means acknowledgement of talent and skills for the young generation of the Russian perfprming school. Denis Matsuev, art-director of “Crescendo”, says: “More than 100 musicians took part in the festival during 7 years… If you look at philharmonic posters throughout the country, you will see that 80% of the names on them come from “Crescendo”. Sharing his thought about the future, Denis expressed the intention to turn “Crescendo” into a music academy with its orchestra, workshops with invited professors and a special concert hall. You can watch the broadcast of “Russia 24” channel from the “Crescendo-2011” gala concert here.

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