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Closing Vlog, Dedicated to "Stars on Baikal" Festival

Pure Happiness! I’ve been to Irkutsk for full 18 days! It’s not happened since 1992. My feelings are too deep for words. Despite festival hectic time: a lot of concerts, events, physical and emotional strain – I accumulated a lot of energy for a year ahead.

It is impossible to tell everything that happened during the festival in one blog entry. So I urge you to re-watch those wonderful videos, created by DailyCulture team (head of the team – Ekaterina Goltsman). To my mind we worked out a new format of broadcasting for classical music festivals – series of live mini-reports. Before that Internet users had no chance to see rehearsals, behind the scenes activities, visits to Baikal or to hear audience’s and musicians’ opinions. So it is a great format we plan to use during other festivals in Russia and abroad. Thank you, DailyCulture!

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