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Rachmaninoff's piano

I can't tell you how overwhelmed I was, what shock I experienced today in the city of Lucerne, where I will perform the concert with Lucerne Orchestra, organized by the Foundation of Rachmaninoff tomorrow. I am going to play Third Piano Concerto by Sergei Vasilyevich. 

Music Hall in Lucerne is unique per se. But today when I came on the stage, I was shocked, because the piano of Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff stood there. That very piano from Villa Senar, I played 6 years ago when  I recorded unknown Rachmaninoff’s works.

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Review from Baden-Baden

Web site published the following review on Denis Matsuev’s concert in Baden-Baden (July, 23):

„Der Gewinner des renommierten Tschaikowsky-Wettbewerbs 1998 hat sich mittlerweile insbesondere als Interpret des russischen Repertoires einen Namen gemacht.

Er verfügt über eine pianistische Technik, deren Umschreibung als virtuos fast untertrieben ist. Das Faszinierendste an seinem Spiel ist jedoch, wie er diese technischen Fähigkeiten dazu einsetzt, Musik zu gestalten, zu formen, manchmal regelrecht zurechtzumeißeln.

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Denis Matsuev performed in Ulyanovsk

From June, 16 to June, 20 festive events timed to the 200th anniversary of the Russian literature classic Ivan Goncharov take place in the town of Ulyanovsk. Denis Matsuev became the honourable guest of the concert on the central square on June, 18, the writer’s birthday. Denis performed Rachmaninov, piano concerto no.2. “I am delighted to meet the Ulyanovsk audience and the town itself which has changed to the best since my last visit,” – admitted the musician.


"Corriere della Sera, Roma"

Per chi non lo conosceva ancora il pianista russo Denis Matsuev si e rivelato gran virtuoso non sollo nella brillante interpretazione di Rachmaninov, ma nei due bis a dir poco civettuoli. Un ( impercettibile) carillon di Lyadov, seguito da un violento Grieg. Ma Grieg sapeva essere davvero cosi violento?

Mya Tannenbaum


Berlin Philharmonic has uploaded on its YouTube channel a part of the concert where Denis Matsuev plays Rachmaninov

Berlin Philharmonic has uploaded on its YouTube channel a part of the concert on December, 22, 2010 where Denis Matsuev and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra headed by Valery Gergiev play Rachmaninoff, Piano concerto no.3. The concerto is considered to be one of the most difficult compositions for the piano, and to hear it performed so successfully is a rare chance. A year ago all the components were brought together: the hall of the Berlin Philharmonic with an unusual interior and unique acoustics; the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra which is year after year reckoned as one of the best orchestras in the world by the “Gramophone” magazine; maestro Valery Gergiev, who is familiar to the audience of the Berlin Philharmonic since 1993, and soloist Denis Matsuev, who played with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time and produced in this sense a splendid debut.

The part of the concert is available here.

You can watch the full concert on the site of the Berlin Philharmonic.

We hope that watching the concert will be a nice beginning of 2012 for you!

The programme “New Year with Vladimir Spivakov” will start tonight on “Culture” TV channel on 22.40. Denis Matsuev, Hibla Gerzmava, Sergey Bezrukov, Ekaterina Guseva, Anton Makarsky, Alexander Filippenko, Julia Rutberg, Veronika Dzhioeva, Alexey Tihomirov and Georgy Vassilyev, Vasily Ladyuk, Ekaterina Shipulina and Nikolay Tsiskaridze, violinist Sergey Krylov, Arkady Shilkloper and many more artists have prepared surprises for their admirers and will assume unusual roles for this special occasion.


"St Petersburg PO/Temirkanov in Barbican, London"

Conductor Yuri Temirkanov has spent long enough on the podium to know how to give the punters what they want. The programme for his latest visit with his St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra ticked the right boxes: a dollop of Russianness, followed by a showstopper and a well loved symphony. If only its delivery has been so reliable.

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Times Concert: St Petersburg PO/Temirkanov

…At least the soloist in Rachmaninov's Paganini Rhapsody was out to dazzle. Denis Matsuev, like many young Russian pianists, could never be accused of reticence. The Steinway takes a hell of a pounding, even in places where you suspect that Rachmaninov might have wanted the orchestra to be heard. But his technique is phenomenal: blistering passagework, steely chords. Perhaps he is the new Horowitz. His encore, Grigori Ginzburg's outstandingly tasteless but breathtaking transcription of Rossini's Largo al factotum, certainly suggested the same penchant for outrageous showmanship…

Richard Morrison, "Barbican"


“Greatest” wins over hearts and minds

The label “greatest orchestra in the world” always needs living up to end, on the evidence of last night, the St Petersburg Philharmonic are certainly the last surviving 19th century orchestra in the world — and that’s something to be proud of.

Their playing has heart, and is a thrill to hear, even if not militarily perfect.

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