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"Daily Express" review on "Matsuev.Liszt"

“The Daily Express” has published the following review on the “Matsuev. Liszt” album: “The melodic structure and beauty of Liszt’s approach to piano composition is so impressive in these fluent recordings of his piano concertos 1 and 2. The brilliant Russian pianist Denis Matsuev explores the exquisite twists and turns of the works with an often enthralling fluency”.


“The Independent” named the CD “Matsuev. Liszt” album of the week

“This impressive double CD of Liszt concertos, plus his Orpheus and Heroide, is an all-Russian effort. Matsuev’s pianism has heroic force and highly calibrated control; Pletnev, who is a magnificent pianist in his own right, shows off the excellence of his orchestra he founded an 1990” – wrote the newspaper.


Matsuev the unbeatable

Author: Miklós Fáy

Source: Élet És Irodalom

Of course, it’s not Denis Matsuev who is unbeatable, but Masutatsu Oyama, one of the founding fathers of karate, who was known to have killed full-size bulls with a single blow. The Siberian pianist, however, sometimes gives the impression that he’d rather kick his piano, chew off the lid prop and throw the pieces into the audience. And he would carry on playing, of course, keeping the piano keys for himself. Denis Matsuev is a great entertainer.

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"Liszt and jazz"


Dazzling – this might be the right word to describe Denis Matsuev’s achievement. Listening to the encores was almost intimidating: I had a feeling that the piano may get engulfed in flames at any moment, with Mephisto emerging from it, commanding the artist to stop: “Your contract is up; it’s time for you to come with me”!

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"Beyond perfection"

Zoltán Végső, Élet És Irodalom

The coat of arms of Denis Matsuev’s native Irkutsk features what looks like a lynx, carrying a blood-soaked prey in its mouth. At first glance it symbolises the raw strength of the eternal winner and actually the lynx could be Matsuev himself. You don’t see a burlier, more athletic pianist on stage and our observation is not even overshadowed by his noticeably expanding waistline, compared to last April. Surpassing his mesmerising previous performances, he tried to do the impossible in his forth concert at the Palace of Arts, but it is unimaginable that he can top what he has achieved so far in his future career, which is just as long as his past.

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“Virtuosic Hercules at the Steinway”. Pianist Denis Matsuev conquers D?sseldorf

D?sseldorf. How beautiful, that the organizers from the Klavier-Festival Ruhr continuously more often reserve for the highlights of their concert series the venues of D?sseldorf. With the 1975 in Irkutsk born pianist Denis Matsuev in any case a real phenomenon leaped onto the podium of the Robert-Schumann Hall. Liszt’s “Mephisto”-Walz, Horowitz’ “Carmen”-Variations, Stravinsky’s “Petruchka”, no “warhorse” is safe from this man.

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At the press conference Denis Matsuev spoke about how it was to play Liszt's piano and why he is not running for presidency

December, 15 Denis Matsuev gave a press conference in the Chamber hall of the Moscow Philharmonic concerning the release of his new album “Matsuev. Liszt”. The album is dated to the famous Hungarian pianist and composer Franz Liszt’s 200th anniversary and consists of 2 CDs that include some of the most interesting compositions by Liszt: Piano concerto no.1 and no.2, “Totentanz” and the symphonic poems “Orpheus” and “Heroic elegy”.

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