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Happy New Year!

The most fantastic, the most amazing time is approaching - the time the Christmas holidays. 

And for me a holiday feeling is much more stronger, because I went back to my home town, to my homeland, to my snow, my taiga, my Baikal, my friends, my audience, my Siberians who will come tomorrow, December 31, at our concert (my outstanding friends and I), which for all of us is becoming a good Christmas tradition in Irkutsk. 

I want to wish to everyone to be the same as the Siberians: kind, generous, willing to help each other in the most difficult situation. Unity will help us overcome any obstacles and difficulties we can face.

I want to wish to everyone that everything, you have planned and dreamed about, comes true. And I have absolutely no doubt that this year will be brilliant for those who want, dare and do not despair.

I want to wish you all to become romantic. I'm sure romanticism sooner or later will come back into our lives, and this is, undoubtedly, will make these lives beautiful.

I want to wish to everyone to be calmer and to live in peace with everyone, because friendships are radiating good energy and make us all better. Friendship unites the world, and now need it more than ever.

I want to wish you all to go to concerts of classical music more often, because it heals and comforts, if you have a bad mood or any problems. Believe me, after the concert you will feel better physically and definitely much happier. The positive the emotions that you get from contact with this art, are impossible to replace.

I want to wish you all to have our Siberian health. We, Siberians, virtually offer you this unique Siberian energy, and if it is not enough, we are waiting for you here, on the shores of lake Baikal, to charge yourself from its beauty, power and strength.

We, Siberians, congratulate you all and hope that this year will bring only the most happy and unforgettable moments and brilliant improvisations! 


Denis Matsuev


Blog #52. Moscow-Tumen-Moscow

My short visit to Moscow turned out to be extremely fruitful. First there was a meeting of Tchaikovsky Competition 2015 organizing committee in Bolshoi Theatre, where we (with Valery Gergiev and Olga Golodets) made several really important decisions. First of all, we’ve formed the jury of the competition for 90%. The whole list will be announced in January. But now, I can assure you, there are outstanding musician, soloists and professors, in it. Secondly, it was decided that the first selective audition (video-presentations of candidates) will be judged by the main jury of the contest. Due to present-day internet-technologies, they can do it easily without necessity to gather in one place. And third, the voting system’s been transformed as well. Now a member of jury votes “yes” or “no” simply. And this makes the process more transparent and unbiased. Moreover, prizes are really attractive this year. Grand Prix amounts 100 000 US dollars. And laureates will have  an opportunity to perform their debut recitals in the most famous halls with the most famous orchestras and conductors. Media coverage of the Contest will be shared by our old and world famous partner (I’ll tell you its name later) and Kultura TV Channel.

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Blog #51. Amsterdam

As I always say: there is not even one day without improvisation in my life. It gives a peculiar scent to every day. Especially when you are on tour. And today’s happening proves this. As you know I am in Amsterdam right now. Tomorrow we will give a start to a series of concerts with Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and maestro Mariss Jansons. And suddenly I got a phone call from maestro Gergiev, who was curious about where I was at that very moment. And when he got my answer – Amsterdam, he was really pleased and said that he was in Rotterdam. He is to perform a concert there tomorrow with Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (they collaborated for many years). Besides he has a great festival there. And I took part in it many times.

And in less than 30 minutes Valery Abissalovich was in Amsterdam. Now we are all in the capital of Netherlands, celebrating absolutely improvisational and at the same time legendary meeting of these two masters on Dutch territory. I couldn't help sharing this news with you! See you soon!

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Blog #49. Concert in Minsk

I was really happy to be able to find time during my concert tour through Germany to come to Belarus for a day. As Alexander Blok said, " And endless battle! We only dream of peace ", so I decided to use my day off to perform a recital in Minsk. I once again was absolutely amazed by this country, this public. The concert, which was held in the Palace of the Republic, with an audience of 3,000 people, became incredibly strong and vivid impression of the day. Actually, I should say that Belarus is striking in its purity, hospitality and the amazing kindness of the people who live here, and today the atmosphere at the concert, despite the enormity of the hall and the presence of 3,000 people, was quite extraordinary, fascinating. "Understanding" silence during rests (and it is very rare and very expensive experience for any performer) struck me in the heart, because the audience here is just great in all respects: dear, sensitive, intelligent and very thoughtful. Particularly poignant these “understanding pauses” are heard in the works of Mussorgsky, Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky, which I played this evening. I'm really happy that I came here. And once again I thought that I should visit Belarus more often and start to do interesting projects, primarily associated with the young generation of musicians.

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Blog #48. Concert Tour in Germany

My Concert Tour in Germany has started. I am going to visit Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Bremen, Berlin, Munich. Every time I come to this country I can’t help mentioning the fact, that almost all German cities and even small towns have very good professional concert halls. That fascinates and pleases me.

I’d like to tell you about one of small German towns in Eastern Westfalia, which I visited within my Concert Tour in Germany. It’s Gutersloh - picturesque, nice, fairytale-like, Christmas-decorated town. It’s not unusual or surprising that I came here, as we have a very long-lasting experience of fruitful relations with Forum of Russian Culture of Gutersloh, headed by Franz Kiesl. 

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Blog #44. Tour to Singapore and Australia

Two days in a row, 12 hours each day – shooting of New Year Celebration Concert on Kultura TV-channel, yesterday - concert in Mariinka (St.Petersburg) and recording of Rachmaninoff’s Piano concerto #1 till 2 o’clock in the morning. Today – heading to Singapore, flight time – 12 hours. See you soon!


Blog # 37

Today we are opening the season with "the Israeli-Siberian" orchestra, it is fair to call it so, because it is still fresh in memory how IPO came to Irkutsk for participation in the festival "Stars on Baikal". That was a great event not only for Irkutsk, but the whole of Russia, as well as the diving of Maestro Meta in the waters of lake Baikal.

Everyone is excited. Musicians from IPO come to me to talk about what they remembered during the trip, to make a declaration of love to Irkutsk and lake Baikal and to say that they definitely want to visit Irkutsk again. Maestro Mehta said that when we build a new concert hall, he with IPO will definitely come and play at its opening. So that is settled. And we know that Zubin Mehta’s word is law.

IPO is an outstanding, versatile team led by a unique man, Zubin Mehta, with whom I was fortunate enough not only to perform, but also to talk and be friends. This season opening concert in Tel Aviv for me gives the start to a series of six concerts where I am going to perform Third Concerto for piano and orchestra by S. V. Rachmaninoff and Third Concerto by L. Beethoven.

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Blog #26

Yesterday absolutely unusual improvised concert took place. I repeat time after time that the best concert always is based on improvisation, and this concert was a proof of that. Unexpectedly I found myself in Drvengrad, cultural oasis, created by the efforts of one man - Emir Kusturica. He really managed to create his own planet of art, which attracts creative people from all over the world. I experienced emotional upheaval of what I saw here. Every detail in this village is somehow connected to work and life of Kusturica. There is a street of Fellini and a street of Diego Maradona. The wooden town almost all is the scenery for the movie "Life is a Miracle," which was filmed here. Wooden, very picturesque, in folk style huts. It is a unique ethno village, that makes a strong impression on every visitor.

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Blog #22

Please, forgive me for keeping silence these days: I was under the impression from what happened here. I am in Sochi from the day of the opening of the Olympic games. I am overwhelmed with emotions right now, and I want to talk about what I see here.

To begin with, the Opening Ceremony made a huge impression, because it was the case when everything turned out perfectly well: the Grand conception, outstanding director’s work and artistic vision and sound. Of course, the TV picture was different from what I've seen in the audience at the stadium Fisht, but I can say that of course, the Opening was 100% successful in all respects.

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Blog #21

I want to congratulate everyone on the New Year and merry Christmas! For me, these celebrations this year were especially touching, because I for the first time in 21 years, celebrated them at home in Irkutsk. Christmas meetings were warm in all respects.

For the first time on 31 December Irkutsk hosted a concert, especially the concert of such high level, with participation of stars of the Bolshoi ballet. Many of them arrived in Irkutsk literally for a day and a half to dance the most famous performances of «Swan Lake», «Don Quixote» and then immediately go on a European tour.

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