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Blog №99. Master Pianist Series Jubilee

Today we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of «Master Pianist Series» in the famous Hall of the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam). The most famous pianists from around the world took part in this series during these years. Looking through concert posters, I feel proud of the fact that I was invited to take part in this series at the invitation of the organizers many times, because it is, without the slightest exaggeration, unique in every aspect series that sets a very high standard for pianists. This is prestigious pianist series, and not every famous concert hall can boast of a project like this.

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Blog from Ann Arbor

Some time before in my vlog I showed you Hill Auditorium from the stage and told you some interesting facts about this concert hall. And now, while I am waiting for my flight to Denver, I’d like to share my impressions after concert in Ann Arbor. Hill Auditorium is a legendary concert hall. With unique ambiance. There are only three or four concert halls in America, that have their unique ambiance. I can name Carnegie Hall, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco. And even among those famous halls Hill Auditorium stands out. Thanks to its audience, which come to concerts of Choral Union Series every year.

This audience amazes me every time. I’ve told you many times, how important first several moments on the stage right before a concert for me. This is when I “breathe in” audience’s energy and mood to see what kind of people are in this hall today. And 4000-people audience of Hill Auditorium is one of the brightest examples of that “understanding” audience, that very musician dreams about. The American audience, brought up on legendary concerts. Absolute understanding.

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Blog # 90. European Tour with National Youth Orchestra of the USA and Valery Gergiev

Our European tour with maestro Gergiev and a unique orchestra begins! I am talking about National Youth Orchestra of the USA. The most important thing is that musicians in this orchestra are between the ages of 16 and 19 years old, US citizens or permanent residents from different states, who are not enrolled full-time in a college-level conservatory or music department on an instrumental performance major. For the first time auditions for this orchestra took place in 2013 under the initiative of Carnegie Hall and its executive and artistic director Sir Clive Gillinson (exceptionally creative and talented person), the inaugural guest conductor was Valery Gergiev. Their first tour with maestro Valery Gergiev and violinist Joshua Bell included concerts in Washington, DC, Moscow, St. Petersburg and London.

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Blog #78. From Lipetsk

Crazy days go on! I am writing to you from “Don” federal highway. It is 240 kilometers from Lipetsk. And I’d like to say, that the highway is of perfect quality! Every day there are new stories, new stages, new audiences, new faces. About my adventures this week in brief. Today I perform in Lipetsk, then there is a week in Munich and Basel, which opens with concerts with Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra and Valery Gergiev, then with Bavarian Radio Orchestra and Mariss Jansons. “Prometheus” by Skryabin, “Rhapsody in Blues” by Gershwin, “Variations on the Theme of Paganini” by Lutoslawsky will be performed. And on 15th of November you can watch live broadcast on Medici.TV of the concert, where we, Valery Gergiev and I will perform Second Concerto by S. Prokofiev. Turn on your TV and computers or watch it through mobile application on you Iphone or Android Phone!


Blog #76. From Yakutsk

15th of October became a big day for me. As I performed Second Concerto by Prokofiev in Yakutsk for the first time. And it was an absolute happiness!

First of all because this concert is unique, it is a king among piano concertos all around the world. Brilliant and deeply tragical in its heart music of phenomenal scale. There are premonitions of Revolution, dramatic and irreversible changes in it. First audience’s and critics’ opinions were divided, but even that time nobody doubted, that this music will live forever and become a part of world golden collection of piano concerts.

Secondly, for me it was a long way to this concert: I knew it very well, but never performed it. Valery Gergiev constantly asked me why, as he thinks that this concert should definitely be in my repertoire, judging by its scale and energy. And I always answered, that I know the music, but cannot get in contact with it. No connections, no love. And on 15th of October I found it at last during the concert in Yakutsk with Opera and Ballet Theatre Orchesta and a wonderful conductor Alevtina Ioffe! So everything was perfect. And I have a strong feeling that a great romance with this music begins. I am planning to perform this concert all over the world.


Blog #75. Amsterdam

It was an amazing day and a very special evening. The day before our concerts on 8th and 9th of October with maestro Jansons and Bavarian Radio Orchestra, which will be recorded on DVD and broadcast live on Medici.TV, Rodion Shchedrin invited us to dinner. I wish I could convey my sentiments, I feel during our conversation with these legendary people. For the first time I came here in 2004, during that visit I recorded Fifth Concerto by Shchedrin with Bavarian Radio Orchestra and Mariss Janons. Orchestra is one of top 5 in the world in quality, emotions and perfectionism to my mind. And today, 11 years later I am here again with Mariss Jansons and Rodion Shchedrin on the eve of season opening for Bavarian Radio Orchestra.

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Blog #74. London-Munich-Moscow

It is less, than three day Crescendo gala concert closed its season for 2015 and I start my European tour already. It promises to be eventful, bright, diverse, pleasant and long awaited - all at the same time. I open a new season in London, in famous Royal Festival Hall with celebrated London orchestra Philharmonia and my dear maestro Yuri Temirkanov today. I always say, that London concerts has a special place in my life: as London is one of the most famous cultural capitals of Europe, as I love and adore London audience, as I maintain warm and close relations with London orchestras. It is a great pleasure to open my new season with my dear friend maestro Temirkanov and wonderful Philharmonia orchestra, which proved to be a truly universal team. I am looking forward to this concert today.

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Blog # 71. Start of the International Tour with Chamber Orchestra "Vienna-Berlin"

Our story with a unique orchestra – Chamber Orchestra “Vienna-Berlin” begins today. We start our grand international tour around Europe in a famous Musikverein. And I am pleased, that we managed to expand the geography of this tour to Russia. To my mind this is a very important and significant event in our cultural life. There are 4 concerts planned in Russia: 18th of May in the Great Hall of Conservatory in Moscow (within my original series), 19th of May in the Great Hall of Philharmonic Society in St. Petersburg, 21st of May – in Ekaterinburg, 22nd of May – in Kazan. And on 24th of May we will perform in Astana (Kazakhstan) the same program.

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Blog #70. Astana Piano Passion Finale

Bravo, Astana! Bravo the unique team, that organized with great enthusiasm the Competition this year. I’d like to thank Imangali Tasmagambetov for this idea and for his constant support for Astana Piano Passion. This Competition turns out to be a musical fairy tale for unique Kazakh hospitality, kindness and heartfulness. There are no more places in the world with such a wonderful atmosphere, healthy approach to competition and a good attitude. These facts affect people all over the world: unbelievable quantity of viewing on official web-site justifies it. 

The Competition is over, yesterday I was performing three concerts of P. I. Tchaikovsky in a row with maestro Gergiev in St. Petersburg , but emotions, evoked by Astana Piano Passion, still overwhelm me. We have a new “team”, new members of our big united family, and it’s priceless. I am looking forward to the forth Competition. We invite everybody to Astana in 2017. 


Blog #54. Recital in London

It’s a great pleasure to invite you to my concert in London on 20 January at 19:30 at the Royal Festival Hall. London is one of my favourite cities, I love London atmosphere, the audience, orchestras, with whom I was fortunate enough to play. Luckily, I have formed great relationship with all of them, but still I would like to tell several words about London Symphony Orchestra, with which Maestro Gergiev and I have already planned a lot of interesting projects. 

However, this time I come to London with a recital, which will be held at the Royal Festival Hall - a glorified hall, within one of the most famous series - International Piano Series. I have already performed here many times, but for me, this place is still primarily associated with the legendary concert in 1982 by the great Vladimir Horowitz. Vladimir Samoylovich ended his performance with Rachmaninoff's Second Sonata, and your humble servant this time will finish the concert with the same musical composition. I am very excited about this evening and looking forward to it!

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