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Life (and what life) and Transfigurations

Splitting the atom and turning water into wine is doable by any mortal. Perhaps only a Denis Matsuev, though can transform Tchaikovsky’s twelve salon pieces into a thundering passionate 40-minute symphonic sonata. 

It took 120 years Carnegie Hall to present the full Seasons, back in 1991, and that was logical . The dozen pieces were written month by month by Tchaikovsky, and no “real’ pianist gives them more than a second look, save for an excerpt as an encore.

Denis Matsuev, though, is not a “real” pianist. His virtuosity and energy are superhuman, his passion is as ardent as his digital proficiency. That is evident from the very first notes, and not worth discussing at this point. After all, he could tackle any of the pieces from the Tchaikovsky work with little worry. Though for the records, despite their parlor/salon expanse, Tchaikovsky didn’t stint on challenges. He had just finished his First Piano Concerto. And while he liked the money offered him for The Seasons, he didn’t want them to be played by amateurs.

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New York Times Review of the Concert in Carnegie Hall

On Wednesday, after Mr. Gergiev began with Rodion Shchedrin’s short, riotously playful Concerto for Orchestra No. 1 (“Naughty Limericks”), the Russian virtuoso Denis Matsuev, 39, was the soloist in Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in G. Mr. Matsuev boasts a prodigious technique and interpretive flair. He is built like a weight lifter and plays with muscularity and power. His sound can be steely and harsh, especially his crash-bang dispatching of fortissimo chords.

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Concert in Carnegie Hall

Finally, great news! Concert in Carnegie Hall as part of our great American tour will be broadcast live by the amazing team of Medici.TV, which works with many famous festivals, including my festival in Annecy. Channel Medici.TV is famous for the fact that each broadcast of a concert of classical music, thanks to the professionalism and passion of the team, turns into a great theatrical performance. And now, thanks to our partner - AVC Charity Foundation music lovers around the world have the opportunity to see live the best concerts from Carnegie.

For each musician performance at Carnegie Hall is one of the most significant acmes, which is not surprising, because P. I. Tchaikovsky took part in opening ceremony of the hall, and S. V. Rachmaninoff played there a record number of times.

We, together with Maestro Gergiev, will perform here the Second Piano concert of P. I. Tchaikovsky. It, of course, incomparable in popularity among pianists with the First Piano concert, but we were glad to return it to posters of famous halls, and it became very popular and loved by audiences around the globe. Our record with this concert is of great success.

The most remarkable thing is that this year, the year of 175-anniversary of P. I. Tchaikovsky, the year of the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow this summer, in the hall, which was opened by Peter Ilyich his incredibly powerful and beautiful music will sound.

Watch the broadcast of the concert on January 28, 2015 at 20:00!/valery-gergiev-mariinsky-orchestra-denis-matsuev-carnegie-hall