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The European Championship

Today I saw an interview with Roman Shirokhov, the leading player of the Russia team. He says he would like to get acquainted with me and with maestro Gergiev. I have talked to Valery Gergiev on the phone and we have decided that we will come into the changing room of our team at the European championship – but no sooner than the semifinal!


I am playing football tomorrow

Tomorrow at 16 00 I am playing football at the Luzhniki stadium in terms of the charity match "Under the flag of kindness". Although I am not in the perfect shape for sport now, I still wan to support our team against the British team. After the match medical certificates will be given to the parents of children who need expensive treatment. You can get the full information about the match and the fund on the "Under the flag of kindness" official site. The match will be broadcast live on the "Russia 2" TV channel.