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10th Anniversary of Crescendo festival

This year "Crescendo" celebrates its 10 years anniversary. This unique festival brings talented young musicians, who are at the beginning of their career, and eminent artists to different cities of Russia, France, Israel, USA. The list of cities changes every year, but there is only one that remains in each list every year - Pskov.

He plays only solo. The Pope and the Queen of England enjoyed his recitals. And now Pskov audience’s enjoyed his performance of Brahms’s works. Igor Fedorov, clarinetist, - one of the leaders of the "young generation of musicians" – gave a start to "Crescendo" this year.  This musician is a good friend of the festival, he remembers how it all began.

Igor Fedorov, clarinetist: "The First festival, which was in Moscow in 2005, it had a promising start. It was a shock, in a good sense, an enchanting spectacle, and the drive in the same time. The first chord, from a musical point of view, it was four forte, and these four Forte started Crescendo. It is the festival of grand scale, which takes  place throughout Russia, and many cities are already involved!"

And this young performer was born the year when "Crescendo" started. Eleven-year-old Varvara Kutuzova began to play piano at 4 and when she was 8 she gave her first recital. Professionals say she’ll become a great pianist one day.

Varvara Kutuzova, pianist: "I am happy that I perform in concerts with such great musicians as Denis Matsuev, Igor Fedorov, Nastya Kobekina... This is happiness! I dreamed about this and wanted to perform with such personalities. Of course, there is the responsibility that I feel. But I am sure, it will be a great concert, even at the rehearsals there were so many people! So nice to be listened to even at rehearsals!"

However, for the first time music festival began with a minute of silence in memory of a faithful friend, assistant, people's artist of Russia Svyatoslav Belza. He was always a faithful companion for "Crescendo" and masterly presented young performers. Svyatoslav Igorevich passed away in June this year, so the anniversary festival "Crescendo" was dedicated to his memory.

Igor Belza from the stage: "I Think that everyone in this hall understands that for me to be on stage, where my father, people's artist of Russia, Svyatoslav Belza, was a real star is a very crucial step."

To continue the work of his father, he decided at once - Igor Belza agreed to go on stage of "Crescendo" at the suggestion of the organizers, but the excitement didn't let go.

Igor Belza, host of X music festival "Crescendo", the son of Svyatoslav Belza: “I’d like to rely on the support the audience. My decision to take part in the festival was made after I got great support in it from Denis Matsuev, who convinced me that it should be done, and one of the main reasons why I do it, is the desire that the father's name was pronounced from the stage as long as possible.

Pskov Is the birthplace Of "Crescendo". The idea of creating such a festival was born in Pskov oblast, and its organizers confirm that "Crescendo" will start in Pskov every year as long as the festival exists.