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This morning in Oslo turns out to be very unfortunate. All troubles during our attempts with Valery Gergiev and the London Symphony Orchestra at first, and then the Orchestra of Mariinsky Theatre, to escape from Hurricane Sandy are nothing in comparison with the news that came just an hour ago.

This night Alexander Borisovich Rachmaninoff, the grandson of the composer, passed away and it is especially discouraging, because it happened so suddenly. This news is like a punch in the stomach.

A man who devoted his life to preserve the creative heritage of the great grandfather.

A man, Russian, body and soul, who could not live without Russian nature, Russian language, culture and music of his genius grandfather.

Energetic, athletic, full of life person. He was not yet 80 years old, next year we would be celebrating his birthday.

Alexander Borisovich was a very close friend of mine, who has played a very important role in my life. During the eight years of our acquaintance with him, we did a lot together, including the recording of unknown works by Rachmaninoff, the text of which he gave me, in Senar on the piano of Sergey Vasilievich.

The day after tomorrow he planned to come to the concert in Warsaw on "Rachmaninov Gala" - another our joint project.

Do not want to say any more, there are no words in those moments when it happens so suddenly.

Tsarstvie Nebesnoe!