Denis Matsuev

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Yesterday it was a very important day in every way

The Council meeting with the President and a concert with Valery Gergiev. Dinamic and eventful day. 

But the most important result of this day, and I am very, very glad to say so, is that I managed to convey to the President the problem of special music schools. I hope that in the near future it will be eliminated. As you probably know, starting next year, it was decided, though I do not know who the author of this madness, that children in special music schools will be studying according the standards for general education schools, that is, professional music training will start only at fifth grade and before that they will have to attend a mainstream secondary school. It means literally “to kill our outstanding performing and teaching Russian music school”. Yesterday, during a meeting with the President, we talked about the fact that these schools MUST be given a special status, they should not be treated as general education schools, they should not be forced to follow educational standards for general education schools, because outstanding children, who need to start learning from early childhood, are studying in these music schools. And I am very glad that this conversation yesterday with the President took place, and, thank God, it was decided that it should be immediately corrected. Fortunately, aftertaste of yesterday's very nice!