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Denis Matsuev bcame laureate of the Oleg Yankovsky prize

May, 32, the Oleg Yankovsky prize was awarded to its laureates at the "Bosco di Ciliegi" festival. In fact the ceremony took place on May, 29, but the diplomas have the date May, 32 in them - because this was the day, discovered by Baron Munchhausen, one of the most famous characters performed by Oleg Yankovsky. Denis Matsuev became one of the laureates and also performed for the participants and the spectators of the event. "The programme is an absolute improvisation. Everything that happens at the "Bosco di Ciliegi" festival is an improvisation, it gives a sense of flying" - Denis shares his impressions. Video broadcasts from the event presented by the "Nosovti" information agency and the First channel.