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"Corriere della Sera, Roma"

Per chi non lo conosceva ancora il pianista russo Denis Matsuev si e rivelato gran virtuoso non sollo nella brillante interpretazione di Rachmaninov, ma nei due bis a dir poco civettuoli. Un ( impercettibile) carillon di Lyadov, seguito da un violento Grieg. Ma Grieg sapeva essere davvero cosi violento?

Mya Tannenbaum


Matsuev the unbeatable

Author: Miklós Fáy

Source: Élet És Irodalom

Of course, it’s not Denis Matsuev who is unbeatable, but Masutatsu Oyama, one of the founding fathers of karate, who was known to have killed full-size bulls with a single blow. The Siberian pianist, however, sometimes gives the impression that he’d rather kick his piano, chew off the lid prop and throw the pieces into the audience. And he would carry on playing, of course, keeping the piano keys for himself. Denis Matsuev is a great entertainer.

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"Liszt and jazz"


Dazzling – this might be the right word to describe Denis Matsuev’s achievement. Listening to the encores was almost intimidating: I had a feeling that the piano may get engulfed in flames at any moment, with Mephisto emerging from it, commanding the artist to stop: “Your contract is up; it’s time for you to come with me”!

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"Beyond perfection"

Zoltán Végső, Élet És Irodalom

The coat of arms of Denis Matsuev’s native Irkutsk features what looks like a lynx, carrying a blood-soaked prey in its mouth. At first glance it symbolises the raw strength of the eternal winner and actually the lynx could be Matsuev himself. You don’t see a burlier, more athletic pianist on stage and our observation is not even overshadowed by his noticeably expanding waistline, compared to last April. Surpassing his mesmerising previous performances, he tried to do the impossible in his forth concert at the Palace of Arts, but it is unimaginable that he can top what he has achieved so far in his future career, which is just as long as his past.

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"Sonograma: Chronique des concerts"

Hector Berlioz  Le Corsaire, op. 21
Piotr. I. Tchaïkovski Concerto pour piano et orchestre n° 2 op. 44
Jean Sibelius Symphonie n° 2, op. 43
Orchestre de Paris
Directeur : Paavo Järvi

Le chef estonien, issu d'une célèbre famille de musiciens, est un fervent défenseur de l'émotion en musique, qu’il estime plus importante que la précision instrumentale.

Chaque geste est une idée musicale, précise et claire. Du pianissimo au fortissimo, Paavo Järvi, le nouveau directeur musical de l'Orchestre de Paris, a su tirer une grande variété de nuances de l’orchestre français.

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"La Stampa"

“…Following the Suite from the Amore, written in America in 1919 in the style of the avantgarde Russian theatre, here we have Prokofiev 3rd Piano Concerto with Denis Matsuev as soloist. He has got the clockwork technical precision and the percussive strength of the great virtuoso, and moreover the delicacy and sense of humor, at times surreal, as suggested by the composer in the delightful central movement. The young Siberian pianist, acclaimed by the audience, greeted the listeners playing an encore by Rachmaninov”


“Virtuosic Hercules at the Steinway”. Pianist Denis Matsuev conquers D?sseldorf

D?sseldorf. How beautiful, that the organizers from the Klavier-Festival Ruhr continuously more often reserve for the highlights of their concert series the venues of D?sseldorf. With the 1975 in Irkutsk born pianist Denis Matsuev in any case a real phenomenon leaped onto the podium of the Robert-Schumann Hall. Liszt’s “Mephisto”-Walz, Horowitz’ “Carmen”-Variations, Stravinsky’s “Petruchka”, no “warhorse” is safe from this man.

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Berlin Philharmonic has uploaded on its YouTube channel a part of the concert where Denis Matsuev plays Rachmaninov

Berlin Philharmonic has uploaded on its YouTube channel a part of the concert on December, 22, 2010 where Denis Matsuev and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra headed by Valery Gergiev play Rachmaninoff, Piano concerto no.3. The concerto is considered to be one of the most difficult compositions for the piano, and to hear it performed so successfully is a rare chance. A year ago all the components were brought together: the hall of the Berlin Philharmonic with an unusual interior and unique acoustics; the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra which is year after year reckoned as one of the best orchestras in the world by the “Gramophone” magazine; maestro Valery Gergiev, who is familiar to the audience of the Berlin Philharmonic since 1993, and soloist Denis Matsuev, who played with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time and produced in this sense a splendid debut.

The part of the concert is available here.

You can watch the full concert on the site of the Berlin Philharmonic.

We hope that watching the concert will be a nice beginning of 2012 for you!

The programme “New Year with Vladimir Spivakov” will start tonight on “Culture” TV channel on 22.40. Denis Matsuev, Hibla Gerzmava, Sergey Bezrukov, Ekaterina Guseva, Anton Makarsky, Alexander Filippenko, Julia Rutberg, Veronika Dzhioeva, Alexey Tihomirov and Georgy Vassilyev, Vasily Ladyuk, Ekaterina Shipulina and Nikolay Tsiskaridze, violinist Sergey Krylov, Arkady Shilkloper and many more artists have prepared surprises for their admirers and will assume unusual roles for this special occasion.


Tonight Denis Matseuv plays Liszt in Mariinsky theatre


Tonight Denis Matsuev performs in St.-Petersburg, in the Mariinsky theater. In the 2nd part of the concert the pianist will play Liszt, Piano Concerto no.1 and no.2 – the repertoire was selected from the newly released album “Matsuev. Liszt”. The soloist will be accompanied by the Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra headed by Valery Gergiev.


Diary of Leonard Slatkin. Russian Connections (About Moscow concerts with Denis Matsuev on 1st and 2nd of April 2013

Rather than wait, I felt compelled to write sooner regarding my sojourn to Moscow at the beginning of the month. It is important to have some background in several areas. First, my family origins are in Russia with my mother’s family coming from Belarus and my dad’s from Odessa. Those of you who have read “Conducting Business” will know the story. My great-uncle, Modeste Altschuler, founded the Russian Symphony Orchestra of New York in 1903. He conducted many U.S premieres of important scores from his homeland, including the 2nd Symphony by Rachmaninov.


Rachmaninov à Moscou avec Denis Matsuev

A l’occasion des 140 ans de la naissance de Rachmaninov, la philharmonie de Moscou, l’orchestre symphonique d’Etat de Moscou et la salle Tchaïkovski offraient au public, deux soirées de prestige : Denis Matsuev, la grande star russe du piano, était dirigé par Leonard Slatkin dans des programmes évidement consacrés au grand compositeur. C’était également l’occasion pour Matsuev de présenter son dernier disque, naturellement consacré à Rachmaninov et à son Concerto n°2.


Adulé du public moscovite qui lui réserve un accueil des plus enthousiastes avant de le couvrir de fleurs, Denis Matsuev osait affronter, sur un même concert, les deux concertos de Rachmaninov les plus célèbres : les Concertos n°2 et n°3, sorte de soirée orgiaque à laquelle peu de pianistes oseraient se confronter. Bien évidement Mastuev combine la technique et la puissance digitale pour transcender ces deux partitions. Pourtant, le pianiste peine un peu à entrer dans le Concerto n°2. En dépit d’une aisance et d’une dynamique toujours phénoménales, Matsuev semble un peu sur la réserve, quant à Leonard Slatkin, il impose un accompagnement attentif et assez souple, en dépit d’une salle à l’acoustique très généreuse, qui fait étinceler la masse orchestrale. Changement d’ambiance avec un Concerto n°3 porté par une électricité  indubitable.  Soliste et chef font bloc pour imposer une lecture échevelée du concerto, transcendé par des musiciens touchés par la magie des très grands soirs. La force dramatique traverse cette interprétation qui prend place dans la droite ligne des lectures des grandes figures légendaires du piano.


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Watch live broadcast of the concert at 7:00 PM (Moscow time) on the official site of Denis Matsuev on 1st and 2nd of April

1 April 2013 world music community is celebrating the 140 anniversary of the birth of the great Russian composer Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff. The Moscow Philharmonic society celebrates that date by concerts on 1st and 2nd of April. Two nights at the stage of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall famous works of the composer will be played : Symphony #2, the Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini, «Vocalise» - the favorite work of the composer, Piano concertos # 2 and 3 in the brilliant performance of Denis Matsuev and the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia with Leonard Slatkin.

Watch live broadcast of the concert on the official site of Denis Matsuev at 7:00 PM (Moscow time).

Review: Rachmaninov and Nielsen with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Once Langeland had finished playing, the concert proper began. On the programme was Rachmaninoff’s third piano concerto and Nielsen’s fourth symphony. The soloist for the Rachmaninov concerto was the Russian pianist Denis Matsuev. This performance also marked his debut with the orchestra. His account of Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto no. 3 was truly ravishing. His playing was crystal clear, even during Rachmaninov’s most virtuosic writing, his phrasing natural, and he never slid into the kind of sentimental, overly romantic interpretation that can easily almost ruin a piece like this concerto. Matsuev also played the longer, more difficult, original first-movement cadenza. His use of pedal, however, was a tad too liberal and often managed to blur out some of the virtuosic passages. 

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Review Pittsbough Post Gazette: PSO's perfection

At Heinz Hall recently, we saw the PSO's "A Night on Bald Mountain," Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto and Beethoven's Symphony No. 7. Stunning. Explosive. Brilliant. Never heard the PSO play better or as one instrument. It was as if I was listening to "A Night On Bald Mountain" for the first time.

Russian pianist Denis Matsuev was grandly lyrical with unbelievable chops in the Rach 2 Piano Concerto. And when Mr. Matsuev encored with an Oscar Peterson-like brilliance on the Juan Tizol jazz standard, "Caravan," the packed house roared and the sitting orchestra members, stunned, responded in kind.

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