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Denis Matsuev and Tchaikovsky's Second Piano Concerto

Russian pianist Denis Matsuev won the 11th International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1998.  As one of Russia's leading pianists, he can be heard in a recent recording of Tchaikovsky's First and Second piano concertos with the Mariinsky Orchestra and Valery Gergiev conducting, surely a great combination.


10th Anniversary of Crescendo festival

This year "Crescendo" celebrates its 10 years anniversary. This unique festival brings talented young musicians, who are at the beginning of their career, and eminent artists to different cities of Russia, France, Israel, USA. The list of cities changes every year, but there is only one that remains in each list every year - Pskov.

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Review on London Concert from Classical Source

The Russian piano school has in recent times produced a host of pianists capable of playing with great (and sometimes excessive) strength and conviction, yet even among these luminaries the brilliantly accomplished and self-assured Denis Matsuev stands out. His Tchaikovsky certainly packs a punch, as was resoundingly clear from the confident, even strident treatment of the Concerto’s famous opening, but it was also offset by moments of impressive delicacy.

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Fireworks of the right kind from Matsuev, Temirkanov & the Philharmonia

The two works on tonight’s programme, both giants of the repertoire, are tricky to carry off for different reasons. Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 23 is so familiar, and is such a barnstorming giant that it can be hard to bring any kind of freshness and subtlety to a performance. Brahms’ Symphony No. 4, Op. 98, on the other hand, suffers from perceptions of his music as heavy, difficult and conservative compared with that of his late Romantic contemporaries. There was also nothing other than these two titanic works to ease the audience in. So how would the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by a rather serious Yuri Temirkanov tackle this, along with fellow Russian pianist Denis Matsuev? In short, with simplicity and ease, and, as a result, giving surprisingly refreshing performances of these familiar masterpieces.

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Blog #74. London-Munich-Moscow

It is less, than three day Crescendo gala concert closed its season for 2015 and I start my European tour already. It promises to be eventful, bright, diverse, pleasant and long awaited - all at the same time. I open a new season in London, in famous Royal Festival Hall with celebrated London orchestra Philharmonia and my dear maestro Yuri Temirkanov today. I always say, that London concerts has a special place in my life: as London is one of the most famous cultural capitals of Europe, as I love and adore London audience, as I maintain warm and close relations with London orchestras. It is a great pleasure to open my new season with my dear friend maestro Temirkanov and wonderful Philharmonia orchestra, which proved to be a truly universal team. I am looking forward to this concert today.

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Closing Vlog, Dedicated to "Stars on Baikal" Festival

Pure Happiness! I’ve been to Irkutsk for full 18 days! It’s not happened since 1992. My feelings are too deep for words. Despite festival hectic time: a lot of concerts, events, physical and emotional strain – I accumulated a lot of energy for a year ahead.

It is impossible to tell everything that happened during the festival in one blog entry. So I urge you to re-watch those wonderful videos, created by DailyCulture team (head of the team – Ekaterina Goltsman). To my mind we worked out a new format of broadcasting for classical music festivals – series of live mini-reports. Before that Internet users had no chance to see rehearsals, behind the scenes activities, visits to Baikal or to hear audience’s and musicians’ opinions. So it is a great format we plan to use during other festivals in Russia and abroad. Thank you, DailyCulture!

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