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Matsuev: Sport and culture are international heritage of Russia

Classical pianist Denis Matsuev was recently announced as the latest 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ ambassador. He received his official ambassador certificate from Alexey Sorokin, CEO of the Russia 2018 Local Organising Committee, and FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura.  

After receiving his certificate, Matsuev took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about the grandmother who sparked his interest in football, Spartak’s golden moment in 1989 and the World Cup he expects to create new opportunities for Russia.

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Matsuev and the Maestro

Pianist Denis Matsuev will participate in Zubin Mehta’s 80th birthday concert.

Russian pianist Denis Matsuev is coming back to Israel. On April 11, he will participate in a special concert at the Charles Bronfman Auditorium in Tel Aviv in honor of Zubin Mehta’s 80th birthday, performing Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 2.

He will also perform a solo program in Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

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Russian virtuoso Denis Matsuev unveils new piano contest for kids

The 1st International Grand Piano Competition for children up to 16 years of age is to be held at the Moscow Conservatory from April 30 to May 5, 2015.

Young pianists will be able to apply on official site of the the competition, which will be broadcast online on Medici.TV, up to March 20, said Russian virtuoso and founder of the competition Denis Matsuev.

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Denis Matsuev and Tchaikovsky's Second Piano Concerto

Russian pianist Denis Matsuev won the 11th International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1998.  As one of Russia's leading pianists, he can be heard in a recent recording of Tchaikovsky's First and Second piano concertos with the Mariinsky Orchestra and Valery Gergiev conducting, surely a great combination.


10th Anniversary of Crescendo festival

This year "Crescendo" celebrates its 10 years anniversary. This unique festival brings talented young musicians, who are at the beginning of their career, and eminent artists to different cities of Russia, France, Israel, USA. The list of cities changes every year, but there is only one that remains in each list every year - Pskov.

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Blog №99. Master Pianist Series Jubilee

Today we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of «Master Pianist Series» in the famous Hall of the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam). The most famous pianists from around the world took part in this series during these years. Looking through concert posters, I feel proud of the fact that I was invited to take part in this series at the invitation of the organizers many times, because it is, without the slightest exaggeration, unique in every aspect series that sets a very high standard for pianists. This is prestigious pianist series, and not every famous concert hall can boast of a project like this.

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Matsuev glorifie Rachmaninov

Quand prit fin la guerre de 40, le monde se retrouva d’un seul coup de baguette hébété, à se reconstruire. L’insouciance des années trente, poursuivie malgré la crise de 1929, avait expiré son hédonisme néo-classique au moment des hostilités. Une révolution esthétique s’imposait : elle s’imposa, soucieuse de table-rase avec un art austère et rigoriste. Mort tout récemment, en 1943, Rachmaninov semblait appartenir à une autre civilisation définitivement périmée, avec ses oripeaux rococo. Relégué au grenier du temps jadis, on l’extrayait parfois de sa malle, au milieu des éventails de grand-mère, des plumes Sergent-Major, des soldats de plomb, des baisemains langoureux, des tasses et des poupées de porcelaine, des toupies, des torpédos, des tambours et des concertos, avec irrévérence et désinvolture. Il restait lové dans ses arpèges en rivières de diamants, dans ses octaves à décorner des bœufs, des effluves d’un romantisme évanoui, trop orné, trop kitsch, et qui n’était plus de bon ton quand le travail reprit son bail, l’industrie son tri, quand le formica se répliqua.

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About Berlin

At the moment of incident in Berlin this evening I was on the stage of Konzerthaus (Berlin). I had no idea about what happened, till the end of the concert. The news about the truck that drove into Christmas market and killed people shocked me to the core! Please, accept my condolences to families and friends of those who perished or were injured. It is a great sorrow that should unite us all in the desire not to let it happen again. This evening, Berlin, I'm with you, on the stage, and off the stage. Courage!


Entrons maintenant dans le vif du sujet : le concert du 21 novembre 2016. Trois concertos de Prokofiev. Le numéro un fut exécuté par George Li, américain de 21 ans, dans une interprétation délicate et aboutie suivie d’un bis bien mérité, parfaitement choisi pour mettre en valeur toute la musicalité d’un interprète devant qui s’ouvre une glorieuse carrière. Le numéro trois échut à Alexander Malofeev, russe de 15 ans, qui fit preuve d’une grande maturité, de brio et de belles subtilités. Il nous offrit un bis qui permit à ses qualités d’élégance et fluidité de s’épanouir plus particulièrement. Un garçon de cet âge, qui peut en remontrer à des pianistes plus âgés, plus aguerris, voilà qui s’appelle un prodige. Il a été récompensé cette année au nouveau concours international Grand Piano de Moscou. Nul doute que toutes les capitales des divers continents lui fassent des offres de plus en plus alléchantes.

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Too Much Matsuev Is Wonderful

It’s doubtful anyone could have wanted more from Denis Matsuev, who played to a full house in Jordan Hall on Saturday Night. A few might have, in rare moments, wanted less. But that’s quibbling. Matsuev’s near superhuman piano playing allows him to do as he wishes at the keyboard, and almost all that he wishes to do is in greater service of great music, making this music fresh and exciting.

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Pianist dazzles in Strathmore recital

Prokofiev does not go easy on the soloist in his Piano Sonata No. 7. Turning on a dime from brooding introspection to full-frontal assault, the piece demands a pianist who can forge a cogent path through the wild swings of emotion. Denis Matsuev, at his Strathmore recital Sunday, showed just the right temperament to honor the sonata’s bipolar moods, offering a cool, tension-filled beauty in the lyrical pages, and pounding home the relentlessly percussive final movement to thrilling effect.

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After winning the 11th Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in 1998, Denis Matsuev has been sought out for many high-profile concerts featuring the Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev concertos where his sheer power and bravura can be brilliantly exhibited. Nonetheless, many of us have been patiently waiting to hear his artistry put to work in more varied repertoire.  This recital fully answered the call: it featured three major piano works, ranging from Beethoven and Schumann to Prokofiev, alongside smaller pieces. Overall, it turned out to be a tremendous success, revealing more clearly the artist’s cogent sense of line and contrast, his subtle perception of beauty, and the range of his delicate playing – to set alongside his well-known strength and tonal charisma. Perhaps expectedly, his Prokofiev Seventh Sonata was formidable, one of the best performances I have heard in recent years.

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Blog from Ann Arbor

Some time before in my vlog I showed you Hill Auditorium from the stage and told you some interesting facts about this concert hall. And now, while I am waiting for my flight to Denver, I’d like to share my impressions after concert in Ann Arbor. Hill Auditorium is a legendary concert hall. With unique ambiance. There are only three or four concert halls in America, that have their unique ambiance. I can name Carnegie Hall, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco. And even among those famous halls Hill Auditorium stands out. Thanks to its audience, which come to concerts of Choral Union Series every year.

This audience amazes me every time. I’ve told you many times, how important first several moments on the stage right before a concert for me. This is when I “breathe in” audience’s energy and mood to see what kind of people are in this hall today. And 4000-people audience of Hill Auditorium is one of the brightest examples of that “understanding” audience, that very musician dreams about. The American audience, brought up on legendary concerts. Absolute understanding.

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Festival Music review: Russian National Orchestra, Usher Hall, Edinburgh

five stars

THE details of the venue at the back of the EIF's Usher Hall programmes need a small amendment. As well as boasting a fine organ, the hall now has three, rather than two, Steinway grand pianos. On Sunday night the new number one instrument was wheeled centre-stage for the first time, for the attention of pianist Denis Matsuev. The Siberian winner of the 1998 International Tchaikovsky Competition proceeded to give it the mother of all baptisms with an account of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No 1 that everyone present will recall for a long time. The Spinal Tap-inspired interval joke was that this keyboard "goes up to eleven". 

It was not just volume that Matsuev produced from the new concert grand, however. In his hands its bright, sparkling sound transmitted every note on of the lightning-fast passages as well as those huge famous opening chords and the sort of power that gave the trombone section of the Russian National Orchestra serious competition. It was the performance of a showman, certainly, but with real musical intensity and attention to detail as well.

Nor was Matsuev quite finished with his demonstration. By way of two encores he demonstrated that the piano could sound as delicate as a musical box and then took us all to a jazz club with a virtuosic improvisation including themes by Ellington and Gershwin.

Keith Bruce, Arts Editor



Denis Matsuev, Valery Gergiev, et le National Youth Orchestra-USA, débarquaient à Montpellier ce 21 juillet 2016. Ils arrivaient d’Amsterdam où ils avaient joué la veille, captés remarquablement ꟷles images et le sonꟷ par Medici.TV, et retransmis en direct sur internet. L’avion s’était posé le matin même sous une pluie biblique. Raccord prévu dans la salle, notamment pour que France Musique puisse effectuer un test sonore avant la radiodiffusion du concert le soir même. Un seul programme, certes, mais le lendemain d’une réussite, un relâchement de concentration se produit souvent, et puis dans ce cas, la fatigue du voyage vient ralentir les réflexes, disperser l’exigence, tout cela sans parler des effets du changement de zone climatique... Ensuite, après une seule nuit de repos, il faudra rassembler les bagages pour Copenhague où le surlendemain le public attendra toute la fraîcheur et l’enthousiasme qui lui est dû. Le jour suivant : Prague. Cette dernière prestation clôturera la tournée. On voit clairement que des qualités de récupération hors pair dans l’entraînement quotidien d’un sportif de haut niveau, sont requises pour cette vie de bohème.

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