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Videos of Denis Matsuev's performance in terms of the Easter festival

May, 2, is Valery Gergiev’s birthday. Denis Matsuev performed together with the maestro at this special occasion – which has become a tradition already. The concert took place at the stage of the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire in terms of the Easter festival, an event inspired by Valery Gergiev. Follow this link to watch the video by the “Russia 24” channel, and the video is available on the “Culture” TV channel web site.


New photos from Irkutsk

Follow this link to watch the photos from Irkutsk: master class by Valery Vladimirovich Pyasetsky, professor of the Moscow State Conservatoire, giving diplomas to the “New Names” foundation grant holders and the concert. Photos by Evgeny Evtyukhov.


Concert broadcast on BBC 3

April, 24, at 19 30 (London time) the BBC 3 Radio will broadcast a concert from the Royal Festival Hall. Denis Matsuev and the Philharmonia Orchestra headed by Leif Segerstam will perform Rachmaninoff, piano concerto # 2. Earlier that day, at 13 00, Denis will give an interview to the BBC 3 Radio.


Recital in Paris

Tonight Denis Matsuev is giving a recital in Paris, in Theatre de Champs Elysees. The programme of the concert consists of Schumann, Kinderszenen and Carnival, Grieg, Poetic Tone-Pictures and Sonata E-minor and Liszt, Mephisto Waltz.

“Pour le jeu abyssal de Matsuev, qui sert ces Kinderszenen de Schumann (enregistrées en live il y a deux ans au Carnegie Hall) avec une surprenante mais séduisante liberté de ton et d'interprétation, n'hésitant pas à l'amener, parfois, vers des horizons symphoniques,”- says “Le Figaro” in anticipation of the concert.


The final jazz concert

At the last festival concert Denis Matsuev managed to combine two incompatible things – jazz and classics. Classical musicians united with jazzmen, jazz played with classical instruments, “Polovtsian dances” by Borodin alternated with Take Five. Follow this link to watch the video.


"New names" in Chelyabinsk

Giving grants to young gifted musicians is always the most thrilling part of every festival by Denis Matsuev. In Chelyabinsk the grants of the “New Names” foundation were given to Arseny Gorbenko (cello), Arsenty Buranov (piano) and Vladimir Petrov (piano). Follow this link to see the “Culture news”.


Xth "Stars on Baikal" Festival

The time of my favorite festival “Stars on Baikal” is approaching. It is about my native town, about Baikal and place, that you will love the moment you visit it.

“Stars on Baikal” for me and my guests is a unique event: outstanding concerts are held in a unique atmosphere. And everyone who was there can prove my words.

Every of nine last festivals for sure gave a lot of tremendous impressions, musical knowledge and acquaintances with famous musicians to our Irkutsk audience. We remember legendary concerts of past in our Irkutsk Philharmony, but later they seized to exist and with the help of “Stars on Baikal” we try to revive this tradition. And I believe we’ve managed to turn it to region’s most famous musical brand.

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Review on the Concert at La Roque-d’Anthéron Festival

Le plus jeune a ouvert les feux avec le 1er Concerto pour piano de Tchaïkovski. L’insolence de sa virtuosité s’appuie sur la joie d’être au monde et le plaisir du jeu. Un bonheur physique et combatif. Denis Matsuev attaque le clavier à plein corps, ses doigts ronds plantés dans les touches. A quarante ans, il conserve ce tempérament d’enfant bagarreur qui le propulse allègrement au sommet des partitions les plus ardues. Il fallait bien cette force joviale et une diabolique improvisation jazz en bis pour calmer l’agacement d’une partie du public, après une demi-heure de retard due au plan Vigipirate. Et pour contrer la vigueur des cigales que la canicule a stimulées pendant toute la durée du concert…

Son Tchaïkovski charnel, puissant, lyrique et virtuose perd tout maniérisme dans une interprétation qui soulève des tempêtes. Mais la fluidité des notes transforme chaque déferlement en embruns scintillants. Matsuev survole la vélocité et libère des énergies telluriques sur une tranquillité désarmante. Plus athlète que poète, jusque dans les nuances les plus douces, il installe l’œuvre dans un combat contre les éléments. Dont il sort vainqueur sans la moindre peine.

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Blog # 71. Start of the International Tour with Chamber Orchestra "Vienna-Berlin"

Our story with a unique orchestra – Chamber Orchestra “Vienna-Berlin” begins today. We start our grand international tour around Europe in a famous Musikverein. And I am pleased, that we managed to expand the geography of this tour to Russia. To my mind this is a very important and significant event in our cultural life. There are 4 concerts planned in Russia: 18th of May in the Great Hall of Conservatory in Moscow (within my original series), 19th of May in the Great Hall of Philharmonic Society in St. Petersburg, 21st of May – in Ekaterinburg, 22nd of May – in Kazan. And on 24th of May we will perform in Astana (Kazakhstan) the same program.

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