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10th Anniversary of Crescendo festival

This year "Crescendo" celebrates its 10 years anniversary. This unique festival brings talented young musicians, who are at the beginning of their career, and eminent artists to different cities of Russia, France, Israel, USA. The list of cities changes every year, but there is only one that remains in each list every year - Pskov.

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Blog #51. Amsterdam

As I always say: there is not even one day without improvisation in my life. It gives a peculiar scent to every day. Especially when you are on tour. And today’s happening proves this. As you know I am in Amsterdam right now. Tomorrow we will give a start to a series of concerts with Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and maestro Mariss Jansons. And suddenly I got a phone call from maestro Gergiev, who was curious about where I was at that very moment. And when he got my answer – Amsterdam, he was really pleased and said that he was in Rotterdam. He is to perform a concert there tomorrow with Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (they collaborated for many years). Besides he has a great festival there. And I took part in it many times.

And in less than 30 minutes Valery Abissalovich was in Amsterdam. Now we are all in the capital of Netherlands, celebrating absolutely improvisational and at the same time legendary meeting of these two masters on Dutch territory. I couldn't help sharing this news with you! See you soon!

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Ein verwegener Virtuose. Der russische Starpianist Denis Matsuev überrumpelt sein Publikum im Konzerthaus

Es herrscht Adrenalin-Alarm im Konzerthaus: Der russische Pianist Denis Matsuev, 39, stampft und stürmt durch Mussorgskys "Bilder einer Ausstellung", wie man es selten erlebt. Mit einem Streitaxt-schwingenden Gnom. Mit raufenden Kindern, die zu einer Horde fleischfressender Piranhas mutieren. Und immer wieder mit eingestreuten Hauruck-Promenaden, die alles und jeden aus dem Weg zu walzen scheinen.

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Jubelstürme für Denis Matsuev

Rund 800 Fans feiern den russischen Starpianist in der Stadthalle mit Ovationen

Gütersloh. Für Pathos hat Denis Matsuev wenig übrig. So umstandslos der russische Starpianist die Bühne betritt oder sie nach beendetem Spiel wieder mit knapper Verneigung verlässt - so schnell, dass die Beleuchtung kaum nachkommt - so direkt nimmt er sich auch die Werke dieses Abends in der Stadthalle vor.

Und da diese Schlachtrösser der Virtuosenliteratur von dem Musiker aus dem sibirischen Irkutsks mit beispielloser Grandezza bewältigt werden, bleibt den rund 800 Besuchern gar nichts anderes übrig, als den 39-Jährigen von Anfang an begeistert, am Ende gar euphorisch zu feiern.

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Blog #49. Concert in Minsk

I was really happy to be able to find time during my concert tour through Germany to come to Belarus for a day. As Alexander Blok said, " And endless battle! We only dream of peace ", so I decided to use my day off to perform a recital in Minsk. I once again was absolutely amazed by this country, this public. The concert, which was held in the Palace of the Republic, with an audience of 3,000 people, became incredibly strong and vivid impression of the day. Actually, I should say that Belarus is striking in its purity, hospitality and the amazing kindness of the people who live here, and today the atmosphere at the concert, despite the enormity of the hall and the presence of 3,000 people, was quite extraordinary, fascinating. "Understanding" silence during rests (and it is very rare and very expensive experience for any performer) struck me in the heart, because the audience here is just great in all respects: dear, sensitive, intelligent and very thoughtful. Particularly poignant these “understanding pauses” are heard in the works of Mussorgsky, Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky, which I played this evening. I'm really happy that I came here. And once again I thought that I should visit Belarus more often and start to do interesting projects, primarily associated with the young generation of musicians.

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Blog #48. Concert Tour in Germany

My Concert Tour in Germany has started. I am going to visit Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Bremen, Berlin, Munich. Every time I come to this country I can’t help mentioning the fact, that almost all German cities and even small towns have very good professional concert halls. That fascinates and pleases me.

I’d like to tell you about one of small German towns in Eastern Westfalia, which I visited within my Concert Tour in Germany. It’s Gutersloh - picturesque, nice, fairytale-like, Christmas-decorated town. It’s not unusual or surprising that I came here, as we have a very long-lasting experience of fruitful relations with Forum of Russian Culture of Gutersloh, headed by Franz Kiesl. 

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Reviews on Australian and Singapore Tour of Denis Matsuev with Valery Gergiev and LSO

1. London Symphony Orchestra, Program 2

Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, November 25


Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2 is the is closest thing to a warhorse on the London Symphony Orchestra's historic tour of Australia, and the hall was packed to hear it, alongside Shostakovich's 10th symphony. From the start soloist Denis Matsuev, known as the "Siberian bear", demonstrated tight, comprehensive mastery, blocking the tenths of the opening chords with his massive hands, and giving them shape and colour, as if they were mere triads. It set the tone for the entire performance: rather than battling to climb a pianistic mountain, with risks and slips on the way, Matsuev seemed to stride across the work. That's not to say he made it sound easy – the final movement had me on the edge of my seat, boggling at the tempo – but he appeared to be able to play it, give us his interpretation, even reflect upon it, as well as just survive.

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Denis Matsuev, Valery Gergiev and LSO Tour to Australia

When the London Symphony Orchestra visits Australia in November, in a tour that sees them perform in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne following a stop-off in Singapore, their trip will provide both players and audiences with a welcome return to a country they first visited back in 1966, with conductors Colin Davis and István Kertész, and then again in 1983, with Claudio Abbado – at that time the ensemble’s Principal Conductor.

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Concert review: Brilliant lineup of Prokofiev's best works by London Symphony Orchestra

Denis Matsuev plays with bravura, and the concerto provided an ideal vehicle to show off pianistic ability. He excelled in the percussive and dramatic passages, and was no less convincing in lyrical sections, and totally revelled in the glissandos. As much as he was dazzling in his control and massive dynamics, a fully satisfying performance of the concerto calls for greater regard for the splashes of irony, levity and delicacy to be found in the writing.

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